My first love in life was animals and oddly enough this led me into studying archaeology. Wondering what the heck archaeology has to do with animals? Tutut

Archaeology is the study of early people through the material culture they left behind. But a famous archaeologist, named Louis Leakey, thought if scientists studied the behaviour of the great apes we would find clues to how the first human-like beings lived four million years ago. So it was my desire to work with primates that led me to archaeology.  I learned a lot about our human past, but what I loved most was learning about orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia with Dr. Birute Galdikas. I still get goosebumps when I recall walking waist-deep in tea-coloured swamp water following those beautiful orange apes that live most of their lives in the treetops of the rainforest. This here is my friend Tutut!

While I was studying archaeology I also started my writing career by doing short stories for my community paper. I enjoyed doing that so much I later studied journalism and became a newspaper reporter. I wasn’t too interested in covering late night city council meetings or the garbage workers strike so I turned my attention to creative non-fiction. I worked as a freelance writer for local magazines until my first child was born. That’s when I entered the amazing world of children’s books. 

Governor GeneralTwo more important things happened after my first son was born… I became a teacher and I took up writing stories and plays for kids. I loved my work because it was creative and fun and I’ve been teaching and writing ever since.  In 2004 I received the Governor General’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Canadian History. It was a proud moment when I got to meet the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, the Governor General of Canada. And then in 2008 my first children’s novel was published.

My Peggy Henderson Adventure Series has a lot about archaeology. These stories take the reader into the past to learn about the prehistoric Coast Salish people, historic archaeology and the life of pioneers. These days I still teach part-time, write and give author presentations at schools and libraries.


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